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What is the Significance of Leap Day?

Leap Days hold significant power, recognized by science, politicians, astrologers, numerologists, spiritual leaders, and wise ones.

Since 45BC when Leap Days were created by Julius Caesar with the intention to balance temporal inconsistencies, humankind has been experiencing the positive energy and opportunity they present.

Numerologically, 29 reduces to 2+9 or 11, a number of Awakening and Enlightenment, which carries the energy of the balancing of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, which essentially equates to wholeness. This is a call to attune and align with this Natural phenomenon so that we can be harmonized with this Force and experience more Balance and Wholeness in our lives and ourselves.

While all months have a 29th day, only Leap Years have a 29th day in February the month with the energy of 2. The energy and vibration of 2 calls us to our Soul’s Mission and our Higher Purpose.

This RARE opportunity is NOW. And to have a community of like-minded, like-hearted co-creators around us, with such powerful teachers and guides supporting our Highest Intentions is truly Miraculous!

The unified field of 11 and 2 is a rare and sacred call to Love, Healing and Teaching, illuminating the path of the Spiritual Light Messenger which brings Guidance and Internal Resource. This energetic field has the ability to create a ripple effect within us which can out picture as the experience of taking a “leap” forward in our evolutionary journey and materially supports us in “catching up with,” and better integrating the many aspects of our third dimensional lives.

This special “Bonus” from the Universe of extra time and energetic resource is truly a gift and we want to empower YOU with an incubator for your own Miracles to blossom forth!

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