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The Venue - Menla: Tibet in the Catskills

We have had a shift here at the Evolutionary Leap Summit, and we believe it's a beautiful one. Sometimes the universe redirects you onto a much better path.

We are now holding our summit as a two-day event at a very special location in the Catskills. Menla is a breathtaking retreat destination in the mountains unlike any other. Nestled beside an enchanting stream, this hidden oasis sits in a secluded valley on 325 private acres in one of the most beautiful parts of the Catskills.

Tibet House U.S.

Part of what makes Menla so special is that it's inspired by the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Tibet. This unique venue is a project of the Tibet House U.S., the Dalai Lama's cultural center in North America.


The accommodations at Menla are simple, clean and elegant. Standard options are ideal for those on a budget, and feature a group living experience across four cabins. Deluxe options are private rooms and suites spread across three hotel-style residences.


Dining at Menla is an experience in its own right, with fresh, locally and seasonally sourced ingredients featuring protein-balanced, plant-based dishes. We invite you to check out a sample menu.


A stay at Menla would not be complete without a visit to the Dewa Spa. Offering a wide range of Eastern and Western spa treatments, this world-class healing spa will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed and recharged. View the spa menu.

Menla Photo Gallery

Join a Special Group of Leaders

Experience Menla with a truly unique group of thought leaders, healers, mystics, scientists and world-class educators. This group is coming together at this memorable institution in the Catskills and we invite you to be a part of our tribe! Set your intention to consciously direct the course of your life's unfolding when you purchase your tickets now.

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