Goddess Awakening: Wellness to Support the Divine Feminine

Every human being is comprised of both feminine and masculine energies. Masculine energy holds value in achievement, motion and action. Feminine energy is responsible for creativity, intuition, community, sensuality, empathy, compassion, love and nurturing.

The great news is that these energies are available to anyone, regardless of gender. We are born with them both, in balance. The Divine Feminine belongs in harmony right next to the Divine Masculine. But often, we become imbalanced. Many women and men spend their lives embodying masculine energies, especially when there is past trauma or a lack of female role model.

What are some ways you can support the Divine Feminine within yourself?

When it comes to women and these types of nurturing energies, the tendency is often to offer energy to others. But in order to support the Divine Feminine in ourselves, we must move this energy inward.


When we meditate, we are in our purest form of self. Build a meditation practice that will open you up to your own intuition. Meditation will be a big part of our practice at the Evolutionary Leap Summit, with our instructor Luke Sellars.

Music & Movement

Explore the healing power of expression and creativity through music and movement. Dance, sing, move, and make music any chance you get. Better yet, make it a ritual. Jumpstart your experimentation with finding your voice at the Evolutionary leap Summit with a guided session from Colleen Aynn, #1 International Bestselling Author.

Reduce Stress

Stress is on the rise in America. If you can simplify your life while incorporating some of the other strategies listed here, you can recharge your body, mind and spirit. Embrace simplicity and enjoy serenity as you cultivate your Divine Feminine. Learn more with our speaker Joanna Black on Sunday at the Evolutionary leap Summit 2020.

Nourish the Divine

Reduce toxins and artificial, processed foods as you increase fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Cut out refined sugar and incorporate beneficial herbs into your diet. At the Evolutionary Leap Summit venue Menla, we are fortunate to start this mission off on the right foot with plant-based, protein-balanced and locally sourced dishes.

Find Support

Whether it's a text-based group, a weekly get-together or an even like the Evolutionary Leap Summit, find a support group that will help foster in the Divine Feminine for you.

Want to set a positive intention this Leap Year and kick off support for your Divine Feminine? Join us at the Evolutionary Leap Summit this year! Tickets still remaining for Full Weekend and Saturday Only. Learn more at