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Empower Your Path Forward


Friday 2/28 4:00pm thru Saturday 2/29 @ 11:00am



Friday 2/28 @ 7:00pm

Kriya Yoga 1st initiation in the same way Mahavatar Babji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861. Guided meditation with Luke Sellars complimentary to early arrivals.

Bethney Ruggiero

Executive Producer of Evolutionary Leap

Saturday 2/29 @ 11:00am

Welcome Address

Peggy McColl

The Manifestation Mentor and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Saturday 2/29

How To Experience Quantum Leaps In ALL Of Your Results By Raising Your Vibration Through Focus, Mindset And Mastering The Power Of Your Emotions

Cristie Kephart-Downs

Psychic-Medium and Metaphysical Researcher

Saturday 2/29

Hindsight is 20/20 Vision:  Using the Power of Awareness to Empower Your Future
Cristie takes you on a metaphysical journey through quantum physics to illustrate how human consciousness interacts with the natural laws of the Universe to produce our outer reality. By demonstrating how the past is projected into the current reality, Cristie draws your attention to the power of awareness and how being centered in the heart’s vibration can help you spot your repeating patterns of the past, to make empowered choices for your future.

Dr. Bruno C. R. Borges

Associate Professor and Pediatric & Obstetrical Anesthesiologist 

Saturday 2/29

Life has strange ways of teaching important lessons. It’s our choice to learn them or not. To grow or to die. To expand or to contract. These are not choices we make only once, they are choices we make over and over again. Every single day. Let’s dive together into the deeper meaning behind life’s events. We will examine the role pain, trauma & isolation play in our development as humans and healers, and how it impacts our ability to live joy filled lives.

Angel Evans

Founder of BiomeTech, Master Strategist and Facilitator of Change

Saturday 2/29

BiomeTech - World Premiere

During our time with Angel, she will illustrate the link between the macro-biome and micro-biome and how we as humans are mirroring the current state of planet Earth, exemplified in the reality that the Earth’s surface is 70% water, and we humans are also made up of 70% water with the same salt concentration. Through evolutionary leaps in neuronutraceuticals and awareness in how to apply these to advance function and repair damage, Angel introduces BiomeTech to the pubic for the first time.

Mia Rue 

M.A. Wholistic Wellness Educator, Partner at Rythmia Life Advancement Center and 

Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator

Moni Osbourne

Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator

Abraham Taliaferro

Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator

Saturday 2/29

Transformational breath  – profound mind, body and spirit experience

Luke Sellars

Ontological Coach-School of Being, Herbalist, and Meditation Instructor-School of Remembering 

Saturday 2/29

Introduction to Heart based living, techniques to manage stress & emotional trauma, deepen your path of awakening,
open your Heart and connect to your most authentic self, discover the beauty of who you really are.

Sacred Ceremony to Usher in the Evolutionary Leap


This magical evening event will include BiomeTech brain activation with Angel Evans, Transformational Breath guided breathing session with Moni Osborne, Abe Taliaferro, Mia Rue and Transformational Breath facilitators, Heart-Awakening meditation with Luke Sellars and live musical journey with Colleen Aynn. Get ready for a transformational experience like no other as we  embrace the profound symbolism of leap day 2020.

Charyl Ozkaya

Founder of Inner Healing Arts in Hampton Bays, New York

Sunday 3/1

"Playing in the Frequencies of Light Language"
Light Language is an expression of the Divine usually through sound as in toning, words, and song. It can be angelic, galactic, elemental and moreand brings healing energy, coded light information and vibrational activations. Everyone will have a unique experience as your energy field will take in what is needed for you at the moment. You will love being in the vibration of Light Language!

Colleen Aynn

#1 International Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker Coach & Creator of the Epic System, Singer/Songwriter, Actor/Director

Sunday 3/1

Creating From The Heart 

Find your voice • Use your voice • Love your voice 

Surrendering into pleasure. Relaxing open as love. Radiating overflowing joy in to the world... sure, sounds great - but how do we DO it? And honestly, who has the TIME??? Let Colleen take you into a world where time expands for you. Find stillness. Find your voice. Transform stress & anxiety with the healing power of vibration. Open your throat and raise your vibration. Explore the healing power of expression & creativity through music & movement. This interactive workshop is filled with simple & effective practices designed to help you turn off your mind and open your heart & enjoy your divine life in today’s modern world.

Joanna Black

CEO of Curating Simplicity

Sunday 3/1

Burnout from stress is an epidemic and it’s on the rise.  Joanna will share the stats and the projections on stress in our culture and how it affects our body and mind. She will tell her personal story of stress related burnout and share her recovery plan of practices, rituals and treatments that put her on the path to heal. This simple yet effective plan can be used by anyone to reduce stress; recharge body, mind and spirit; embrace simplicity and enjoy serenity. She will also introduce her company Curating Simplicity, a global environment for women that guides and supports  members on their journey to reduce stress; recharge body, mind and spirit; embrace simplicity and enjoy serenity.

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