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Weekend Retreat  ·  February 28 - March 01, 2020  ·  Menla Retreat Center  ·  Catskill Mountains

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Empower Your Path Forward.

Consciously direct the course of your life's unfolding.

Join global thought leaders, healers, doctors, mystics, scientists and world-class educators as we come together on Leap Day of this epic new decade to uplevel our game, witness our own personal transformation, and truly engage in a collective Evolutionary Leap in the age of the Divine Feminine.

Participate in the world premiere and public unveiling of new biological technology; experience a rebalancing of your body, mind and spirit; learn about rare and yet practical and easily applied interdimensional tools for orienting your life choices; get clear about where you want to go in 2020 and chart the most efficient, beneficial, and enjoyable route to get there!


Spirit called and we answered! As a collective of Evolution Loving, Consciousness Craving , Heart-Centered Healers ourselves, we came together recognizing the potent opportunity of the first Leap Day of this extraordinary new decade and reached out to some of the most powerful leaders and changemakers to join with us in offering our tribe a rare opportunity to collectively make a statement to the Universe: “We are ready. We want this Evolutionary Leap. Bring it on!"

In this Spirit, we could not deny the call and have quite simply been in surrender, allowing this magnificent event to birth itself. The energy is undeniable! The magic is unfolding! We can’t wait to meet you and recognize our connection!


Leap Days hold significant power, recognized by science, politicians, astrologers, numerologists, spiritual leaders, and wise ones. Since 45 BC when Leap Days were created by Julius Caesar with the intention to balance temporal inconsistencies, humankind has been experiencing the positive energy and opportunity they present.

Numerologically, 29 reduces to 2+9 or 11, a number of Awakening and Enlightenment, which carries the energy of the balancing of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, which essentially equates to wholeness. This is a call to attune and align with this Natural phenomenon so that we can be harmonized with this Force and experience more Balance and Wholeness in our lives and ourselves.

While all months have a 29th day, only Leap Years have a 29th day in February the month with the energy of 2. The energy and vibration of 2 calls us to our Soul’s Mission and our Higher Purpose.

This rare opportunity is now. And to have a community of like-minded, like-hearted co-creators around us, with such powerful teachers and guides supporting our Highest Intentions is truly Miraculous!

The unified field of 11 and 2 is a rare and sacred call to Love, Healing and Teaching, illuminating the path of the Spiritual Light Messenger which brings Guidance and Internal Resource. This energetic field has the ability to create a ripple effect within us which can out picture as the experience of taking a “leap” forward in our evolutionary journey and materially supports us in “catching up with,” and better integrating the many aspects of our third dimensional lives.

This special “Bonus” from the Universe of extra time and energetic resource is truly a gift and we want to empower YOU with an incubator for your own Miracles to blossom forth!


The Evolutionary Leap Summit is a portal of alignment with Nature and Universal Forces offering a weekend of focused attention, support, education and resources to catalyze a collective and individual experience that might be referred to as an “Evolutionary Leap.”

Through this collective experience dreams are potentiated, paths are cleared, consciousness is illuminated, hearts and minds are harmonized, spontaneous healing is accessible, and powerful bonds of friendship and community are formed. This vibrational template then becomes a microcosmic expression that ripples out into the greater reality creating the same out picturing in the macrocosm.

We truly hope you will join us in manifesting this worthy mission. We can only realize this together.

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